Focus Brands International Franchising

A process and services unique to you

We understand that a single solution for franchising should not be applied universally and offer a tailored program, backed up with world-class support services, to address the distinctive considerations involved in international franchising.

Below you will find details about our franchisee application process, financial requirements, dedicated support teams and how to get started.

Application Process

1. Complete the application.

2. Pre-qualification: in-market visit, active negotiations.

3. Discovery: submit business plan, financials, entity and formation documents

4. Due Diligence: Review market requirements and prepare documentation

5. Visit to FOCUS Brands Office to meet team and finalize terms

6. Sign agreement

7. Onboarding for new franchisee

Guidelines and Financial Requirements


  • Experience in multiunit food service, hospitality or retail operations
  • Suffcient infrastructure team with growth capabilities
  • Local expertise in real estate, marketing, development, project
    management, human resources and supply chain
  • Ability to open multiple locations following an agreed upon
    development schedule
  • Capital necessary to develop the agreed upon number of locations
    during the first three years
  • Live in the market you wish to develop

Financial Requirements and Associated Costs

FOCUS Brands® International negotiates development agreements ranging from a minimum of five to more than 100 locations. Depending on the territory of interest and number of stores agreed upon, a territory fee will be determined. This fee grants you exclusivity within the market you are developing. In addition to a territory fee, each individual store will be charged the following:

Franchise fee: $25,000 paid upon opening
Royalty rate: 6% of monthly revenue
Advertising and marketing fund: 1% of monthly revenue

Dedicated Support Teams

Development Services

  • Manage new market launches with cross-functional team for new opening support
  • Assist franchisees with Real Estate needs such as site criteria and selection
  • Develop concept packages and equipment plans
  • Assist local architects with construction plans and conduct construction document review
  • Provide guidance on image standards and expectations


  • Provides access to a comprehensive, high resolution product image library
  • Assists in core menu development and pricing strategies
  • Assembles Local Store Marketing toolkits
  • Facilitates R&D projects for local product introductions
  • Provides sales trend analysis and guidance

Operations and Training

  • Evaluates franchise operations and assist franchisees in the development of action plans
  • Act as primary liaison for Research & Development on product development and testing, quality control and inspections.
  • Provides opening training support with certified trainers
  • Certifies international training locations
  • Conducts advanced training and professional development classes

Supply Chain

  • Ensures compliance of suppliers and distributors within the network
  • Assists with distribution network relationships and negotiates distribution agreements
  • Addresses issues to secure regionally sourced product, as well as their distribution
  • Establishes Supply Chain for new regional markets

Getting Started

Click on a brand below to begin the international franchising application process.

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