Frosting-filled recipes from Cinnabon and CinnaPacks of ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls add extra deliciousness to the season

ATLANTA – November 8, 2021  

The holiday season calls for adding a little extra sweetness to everyday life, as loved ones enjoy traditions and special moments together. Beginning Nov. 8, Cinnabon® is celebrating those special traditions and moments the best way they know how – by adding some frosting to the season, with the return of its Signature Frosting Pints. The frosting pints are now available for a limited time at select bakeries nationwide and on the new Cinnabon app for pickup or delivery – giving fans plenty of opportunities throughout the holiday season to bring the magic of Cinnabon to holiday recipes and gatherings.

“There’s no better way to truly bring to life our ‘Life Needs Frosting’ motto than with a delicious pint of our Signature Frosting,” said Michael Alberici, Vice President of Marketing, Cinnabon. “Our signature frosting is a versatile way to add sweetness during a season when people are craving it – whether it’s enhancing holiday recipes and treats, enjoying it as a treat on its own, gifting it to friends and family or adding a little extra to top off your Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.”

Featuring the iconic cream cheese frosting that makes Cinnabon classic cinnamon rolls and the holiday favorite PecanBon cinnamon rolls oh-so craveable, frosting pints offer a tasty and unique way to elevate holiday recipes. For recipe inspiration, fans can visit or Cinnabon’s TikTok and Instagram for 11 frosting recipe hacks, including a Grilled Strawberry, Brie and Cream Cheese Sandwich, Frosting Hot Chocolate and a festive frosting-rimmed cookie martini.

Holiday Gifting Made Easy with CinnaPacks

Beyond holiday baking, bringing sweetness to loved ones is easy by gifting CinnaPacks of Cinnabon’s classic ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls and PecanBons. Available in 4 and 6-count of Classic rolls, 9-count and 15-count of MiniBon rolls or 16-count BonBites, CinnaPacks can be ordered with the traditional Signature Cream Cheese Frosting or topped with a Cinnabon specialty – caramel frosting with pecans – to create Caramel PecanBons. Starting at $11.00, pricing varies per bakery.

The limited-edition Signature Frosting pints and CinnaPacks can be purchased at participating Cinnabon bakeries nationwide. New this year, guests can pre-order their Cinnabon treats for pickup or delivery on the new Cinnabon app or To find a participating bakery location near you, visit

About Cinnabon® 

Founded in Seattle in 1985 and now based in Atlanta, Cinnabon Franchisor SPV LLC is the market leader among cinnamon roll bakeries. The company serves fresh, aromatic, oven-hot cinnamon rolls, as well as a variety of other baked goods and specialty beverages. Cinnabon Franchisor SPV LLC currently has more than 1,600 franchised locations worldwide, primarily in high traffic venues such as shopping malls, airports, train stations, travel plazas, entertainment centers and military establishments.  

Cinnabon Franchisor SPV LLC is also a multi-channel licensor, focused on driving multi-channel growth across consumer relevant occasions whether on the go, in grocery stores, schools, at home or in the office.   

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In partnership with Lotus Biscoff, Carvel’s limited-time lineup of Cookie Butter Ice Cream treats graces shoppes for the first time in three years

ATLANTA – November 1, 2021 

To sweeten the holiday season with a sprinkle of cookie butter magic, Carvel® Ice Cream and Lotus Biscoff are joining forces to introduce Carvel’s first-ever Cookie Butter Crunchies – and reintroduce the popular Cookie Butter Ice Cream treat lineup for the first time in three years. Made with crushed Lotus Biscoff cookies, fans will have more ways to enjoy everything they love about Carvel with the irresistibly creamy Cookie Butter flavor – now available for a limited time at participating Carvel shoppes or delivered straight to your door through food delivery platforms.

In addition to the Cookie Butter Ice Cream, Carvel is introducing, for the first time ever, Cookie Butter Crunchies. Cookie Butter Crunchies are crispy vanilla crunch blended with Lotus Biscoff cookie crumbles coated in a sweet vanilla bonnet shell. These Crunchies are a new take on Carvel’s beloved classic chocolate Crunchies, an integral part of Carvel’s history best known for being layered within Carvel’s famous ice cream cakes. Cookie Butter Crunchies is Carvel’s second-ever new Crunchies flavor, following the introduction of Churro Crunchies this summer. 

“During the holidays, people seek comforting treats that remind them how magical the season is,” said Delia Wong, Director of Marketing, Carvel. “Our Cookie Butter Ice Cream and new Cookie Butter Crunchies made with Lotus Biscoff will transport fans to a cookie wonderland as they take breaks from the holiday rush, enjoy a cozy night in or share a treat with guests during holiday get-togethers.”

Fans can enjoy Cookie Butter Crunchies made with Lotus Biscoff within a variety of Carvel Cookie Butter Ice Cream treats, a wonderful mix of sugar and spice for that tasty cookie butter fix:

  • Cookie Butter Soft Ice Cream: Carvel Soft Serve Ice Cream blended with sweet Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter. 
  • Cookie Butter Scooped Ice Cream: Scooped Cookie Butter Ice Cream swirled with crunchy chunks of Lotus Biscoff Cookies and classic caramel sauce.  
  • Cookie Butter Sundae Dasher®: Stacks of Cookie Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream layered with crunchy chunks of Lotus Biscoff Cookies and classic caramel drizzles, topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle finish. 
  • Cookie Butter Shake: Sweet blend of Cookie Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream and Lotus Biscoff Cookie crumbles all in one sippable treat. 
  • Cookie Butter Flying Saucer®: Carvel’s classic Flying Saucer chocolate cookies filled with Cookie Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream and rolled in Cookie Butter Crunchies made with Lotus Biscoff. 
  • Cookie Butter Crunchies made with Lotus Biscoff: Crispy vanilla crunch blended with Lotus Biscoff Cookie crumbles coated in a sweet vanilla bonnet shell.

The Carvel Cookie Butter ice cream treats lineup and Cookie Butter Crunchies made with Lotus Biscoff are available at participating Carvel shoppes and food delivery platforms. Starting prices vary by shoppe. To find a Carvel shoppe and delivery availability near you, visit

About Carvel Ice Cream

The United States’ first retail ice cream franchise, Carvel® Ice Cream has become one of the best-loved and most recognized names in its industry. The company is a leading provider of premium soft ice cream and hand dipped ice cream products, as well as uniquely shaped ice cream cakes, including its signature Fudgie the Whale® and Cookie Puss® cakes. Atlanta-based Carvel currently has more than 400 franchised and food service locations. Visit for more information, follow us on Twitter @CarvelIceCream and Instagram or become a fan on Facebook.

About Lotus Biscoff®

Lotus Bakeries began in the village of Lembeke in 1932 and is now active worldwide in the indulgent and natural snacking segment with the Lotus, Lotus Biscoff®, Dinosaurus, Peijnenburg, Annas, nākd, TREK, BEAR, and Kiddylicious brands, among others. Lotus Bakeries, with headquarters in Belgium, is a dynamic, internationally oriented company with production facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, South Africa and the US, and twenty-one own sales organizations in Europe, America and Asia. Lotus Bakeries also works with commercial partners in approximately fifty countries worldwide. Lotus Bakeries has more than 2,000 employees. By maintaining a healthy balance between tradition and innovation, the Lotus brand indulges consumers with a unique range of high-quality, tasty products. The secret of Lotus Biscoff® lies in the cookie’s unique flavor, distinctive design and delightful crispiness. The unique caramelized cookie flavor has also been incorporated into a spread, ice cream and chocolate. A wide range of cake specialties and waffles are furthermore offered under the Lotus brand name. Koninklijke Peijnenburg is the market leader for gingerbread in the Netherlands, and Annas is a typical Swedish specialty of pepparkakor biscuits: thin, crunchy biscuits flavored with ginger and cinnamon. Under the nākd, TREK and BEAR brands, Lotus Bakeries offers tasty snacks, manufactured from all-natural, unprocessed ingredients, with no added sugar. Kiddylicious focuses on healthy snacking for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. In 2020 the Group achieved a turnover of EUR 663 million. The shares of Lotus Bakeries are listed on Euronext Brussels. The majority of the shares are owned by the Boone and Stevens family.


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