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Franchise Support Services

FOCUS Brands® International has a fully staffed support services team, whose members are dedicated to providing assistance and expertise to franchise partners in our global expansion efforts. Collectively, our international team has amassed over 325 years of experience in building food service brands worldwide and currently operates from posts in more than 12 countries.

  • Initiates new country launches by facilitating startups with training and operations support
  • Evaluates franchise operations and assists franchise partners in the development of action plans
  • Provides ongoing monitoring of franchise partner growth and their progression through development plans
  • Acts as the primary liaison for Research & Development on product development and testing and quality control and inspections
  • Requests additional services from other departments when needed by franchise partner
  • Leads initiative for development of personnel to assist franchise partner companies
  • Provides opening training support with certified trainers
  • Certifies international training locations
  • Conducts advanced training and professional development classes
Supply Chain
  • Ensures compliance of suppliers and distributors within the network
  • Assists with distribution network relationships and negotiates distribution agreements
  • Addresses issues and requests regarding products, packaging, costs and distribution
  • Conducts efforts to secure regional sources of product, as well as their distribution
  • Establishes supply chain for new regional markets
  • Provides access to a comprehensive, high-resolution product image library
  • Assists in core menu development and pricing strategies
  • Assembles Local Store Marketing (LSM) toolkits
  • Facilitates Research & Development projects for local product introductions
  • Provides sales trend analysis and guidance
Development Services
  • Real Estate Support – Provides training to partners on site characteristics, reviews site evaluations and monitors site inventories
  • Architecture Support – Develops concept packages, assists local architects with construction plans and conducts construction document review
  • Construction Support – Assists in orienting local general contractors on brand standards, acting as a consultant throughout the construction process
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Support – Assists in the assembly and tracking of orders and monitors vendor relationships
  • Image Support – Provides training to franchise partners on image standards and expectations