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JOB TITLE: International Paralegal

Job Summary:

Manage the international franchise administration process from receipt of request through execution of agreements.  Partner with internal and external customers in order to successful complete tasks.

Essential Duties:

  • ?Once a Site Approval Request (SAR) is received for the International team, prepare the appropriate form of agreement, either an Exhibit C from an IMUFA or a franchise agreement under a development agreement, and issue it to the international franchise partner for signature.
  • Follow up with the international franchise partner to ensure they have received the agreement and work with them to obtain the signed agreement and any outstanding franchise fees that may be due.
  • Once the agreement is signed by the international franchise partner and back in-house, review the document and, if complete, prepare for signature by the VP Franchise Admin.
  • Ensure that FAS is updated with all excon information and return a signed copy of the agreement to the international franchise partner.
  •  ?  Monitor the development obligations on opening of s/b/rs under an IMUFA or development agreement and ensure that FAS is updated with the most current information relative to where the franchise partner is with their development schedule.
  •  Prepare assignments and assumptions and addenda as needed for international agreements for review and approval by the VP Franchise Admin and issue each document to the international franchise partner.  Track each document and follow up with the international franchise partner until they are signed and returned.  Prepare for VP Franchise Admin’s signature and then return a signed copy to the international franchise partner.
  • Monitor the “Open No Contract” list of international s/b/rs that are open without a signed agreement and work with the international team to secure signed agreements and any franchise fees due.

Secondary Duties:

Desired Skills & Experience

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

  • Excellent communication (written and oral), organization and problem solving skills.
  • Strong ability to build relationships, effectively communicate and positively influence Franchisees and other key constituents.
  • Must work well under pressure.
  • Able to handle multiple projects.
  • Demonstrated track record for flexibility and urgency in prioritizing and organizing projects.
  • Able to problem solve and work independently.
  • Capable of working with multiple departments.
  • Possesses a high degree of drive with a proven track record of achieving results.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook programs.

 Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree  and or Paralegal certification
  • Minimum 3-5 years in a similar role
  • Restaurant quick service, multi-unit franchise operations, and/or hospitality industry experience required.

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