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JOB TITLE: Director, Grocery & Beverage Procurement

The Director, Grocery & Beverage Procurement, will manage the purchase of approximately $77 million in grocery, beverage and related products and create and implement strategic purchasing programs for those products.  This director will need to ensure appropriate costs and partner with QA to ensure food safety and quality standards.  


  • Manages the purchase of $77 million in grocery, beverage, desserts and cleaning supply products
  • Reports directly to Vice President of Procurement
  • Creates and implements strategic purchasing programs for all key food and beverage products
  • Ensures that appropriate costing techniques are used to achieve overall least landed cost for products
  • Partners with QA to ensure food safety and quality standards are being delivered
  • Communicates purchasing activities to Brand personnel and Franchisee community as needed


  • Minimum 5 years of commodity procurement experience
  • Strong negotiation skills •Understanding of cost components and formula pricing
  • Ability to create product sourcing strategy
  • Ability to motivate and direct supplier base
  • Ability to work closely with marketing and culinary
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Bachelor's degree preferred

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