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JOB TITLE: Administrative Assistant


The position provides administrative support to management staff on second shift at the City Line Manufacturing & Distribution facility. This position will also serve as the receptionist at the facility. Provide information and communication services, schedule and attend meetings, office administration and fulfill assigned projects and provide miscellaneous support to the facility staff.


  1. This position will serve as the second shift receptionist for the facility and will be responsible for :
  • Screening and admitting all visitors to the facility, including temporary employees, suppliers, truck drivers, USDA inspectors, contractors and corporate personnel.
  • Maintaining a daily log of visitors.
  1.  Provide administrative support to the management staff which includes the Plant, Production, Maintenance, QA, and Purchasing and Production Planning managers. This position will also provide support to the facility Cost Accountant.
  2. Provide clerical assistance and communication services within the facility as needed in order to coordinate proper flow of information among the departments and also the support center.
  • Aid in production and evaluation of written communications, databases, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of procedures and controls for efficient and proper flow of information from the facility.
  1. Assist in maintaining/update all record keeping manuals/notebooks/information resources for the technical areas including Production Reports, Specification Books, Regulatory Manuals/Publications, and International shipping documents.

 The Administrative Assistant will also:

  • Provide communication as needed for each staff member for scheduling purposes to other employees and/or suppliers
  • Other duties, as needed/requested
  • Provide support to the facility cost accountant primarily in daily production and labor data entry.




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