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JOB TITLE: Franchise Business Consultant- Mid Atlantic

BRAND: Auntie Anne's

LOCATION: Fredricksburg, VA


 Responsibility of the Franchise Business Consultant is to provide direct operational, business consulting, and marketing support services to assigned franchise partners and stores; continually guide franchise partners and their staffs to uphold Auntie Anne’s three-fold philosophy and operating standards; promote open, caring, respectful relationships between franchise partners and the Support Center.




  1. Foster/maintain healthy and honest business relationships that effectively yield results. Respect franchise partners and their teams during all interactions.
  2. Visit assigned stores as often as Regional Director designates (typically every 8-10 weeks); provide operational support, review Support Center updates, measure store compliance, confer with franchise partner on business issues, provide marketing support, etc.
  3. Provide collaborative and substantive consulting to maximize sales and profits. Remain current with all aspects of each franchise partner’s business through regular review of: polling/FIDO reports (including loss prevention and product mix), comment cards, mystery shop reports, etc.
  4. Protect brand via survey inspections.  Report compliance issues during survey inspections in a manner that is consistent with departmental standards. Identify and manage mobility plan stores until they are in full compliance. If franchise partner is unable to meet standards, FBC works with Regional Director and Legal to manage default, sale, and/or termination.
  5. Set annual goals for each franchise partner and store.
  6. Anticipate franchise partner, manager and crew member needs, and respond in a timely manner to questions and requests.
  7. Influence positive results through regular and effective communications with assigned franchise partners through meetings, telephone calls, follow-up e-mail, etc. as appropriate to maintain and grow relationships outside of the scheduled visits.
  8. Keep current with administrative duties and submit required reports in a timely fashion (calendarization, contact management, expense reports, 1:1 agendas, updates, etc.)
  9. Provide information to Regional Director, Director, Store Support, and other Corporate Office personnel as they request it, on a timely basis.
  10. Represent Auntie Anne’s in all professional dealings. Serve as a liaison/contact person between the Support Center, franchise partners, vendors, etc. as needed.
  11. Participate in all company functions/events/meetings as required (Council Meetings, department meetings, Conventions, etc.)



Bachelor’s degree in business or related field strongly preferred, plus minimum two years of relevant experience; management/leadership experience helpful; willingness to learn new skills; team player; excellent interpersonal skills; ability to be innovative and self-motivated; ability to think on your feet; ability to operate in a sometimes stressful environment.

 Communication Skills (computer, office equipment, etc.):

Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills; basic typing, personal computer, Excel and word processing required; other computer knowledge a plus; must be comfortable with significant amount of telephone contact; fluency in Spanish preferred. 



Must be able to drive a motor vehicle and regularly travel long distances by car or using public transportation. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. occasionally, particularly when traveling, i.e., carrying luggage, computer lap tops, etc.

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