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JOB TITLE: Franchise Administration Analyst

BRAND: Support Center


We're looking for a special person to join our high-energy, fast-paced team!  In this role you will manage several franchise-related databases, including data entry and maintenance, and run reports on the same.  You will coordinate with several team members on data collection and assist them in executing franchise related documents.  We want you to be our systems guru and gatekeeper of documents that are absolutely critical to our business.  In this role we are looking for a hands-on, organized, self-motivated individual.  Are you very accurate and detail-oriented?  Do you know how to work well with other members on a team?  If so, our team may be the place for you!  Good attitude and positive disposition a must.  Bonus points for a sense of humor.

 Position Overview:

  •  Update and maintain all Franchise Administration manuals, including but not limited to FRM Data Entry Manual, Franchise Administration Process Manual and all standard SOP documents.
  • Review all data entry in our systems and similar databases to ensure proper data entry for all transactions completed within the Franchise Administration and Legal Departments.  Opening verification of data entry in same to ensure accuracy.
  • Return executed agreements, addenda and other miscellaneous signed documents to the Franchise Partner when fully signed.
  • Monthly updates of all reports generated by the Franchise Administration Department
  • Monitor the backlog of signed but not open units and work with the development team for each brand to ensure all milestones are either current, extended or the agreements are terminated for non-development.
  • Analyze activity performed by the Franchise Administration Department and provide timeline matrix for each activity.  Perform file reviews of all open locations to ensure all signed agreements and supporting documents are available in FRM.
  • Update MapPoint (weekly) and SIMMs model (monthly) to reflect the current status of our franchise system.

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