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JOB TITLE: Corporate Field Trainer

BRAND: Carvel

LOCATION: Long Island, NY


Train franchise partners, managers, and employees at new shoppe openings, transfers, Express openings, and other shoppe location training sessions according to Carvel standards.  Assist with other corporate training and projects as directed to achieve our brand goals and objectives.


  • Place call to franchise partner at least two weeks prior to shoppe opening to discuss special needs and address any concerns.  Review Pre-Training Checklist and establish time for Management and Employee Meeting.
  • Field-based position that will require home-office space & the ability to work independently.
  • Make all travel arrangements, including flights, hotel reservations, and rental cars (including any required credit cards or forms of pre-payment for such travel, where applicable).
  • Inform Franchise Business Consultant of Employee Meeting date and time, as well as Operations Training Day, Trial Run and Grand Opening date and time.
  • Facilitate staff orientation and present information about Carvel as a Company, including all aspects of behavior, dress, expectations, standards, and the “Put a Smile on Every Face.” purpose.  Explain expectations during training week, including Trial Run.
  • Determine if shoppe is ready to open -- initiate Operations Training Day.
  • Teach and enforce operational shoppe procedures and policies and compliance with the QSC and operational survey.
  • Teach each employee all job skills, product preparation, techniques, and procedures for shoppe maintenance in the allotted time.
  • Supervise trainees regarding P.O.S., daily register tapes, reports, and banking (safe) needs.
  • Provide FBC with detailed evaluation of shoppe operations.
  • Be aware of and communicate to Training Director any obvious infractions or potential problems with regard to shoppe or franchise partner.
  • Assist in resolution of problems (shipments from suppliers, etc.) and refer franchise partner to proper person or place to solve any other type of operational difficulty.
  • Provide and review detailed evaluation of shoppe operations with franchise partner.
  • Place follow up call to franchise partner within 10 days of training session.
  • Be cross-trained to be able to assist or lead training in various existing corporate programs or programs to be developed.
  • Work with RVP of Operations on specific Franchise Partner needs (QSC; refresher training; guest service; etc.)
  • Facilitate training initiatives at shoppes; group sessions; & off-campus meetings
  • Develops & implements a method/process of collecting & maintaining brand training records.
  • Work closely with Training Director & RVP of Operations on Regional Training Shoppe program
  • Participate in national events by serving on at least one committee, and provide assistance as needed/requested during the event.
  • Attend Carvel College of Ice Cream Knowledge, and other Focus Brands corporate seminars as directed.
  • Perform all other training duties as required by the Training Director.


  • Supervisory experience - during training session, all trainees (franchise partners, managers, and employees) are under the direction of the trainer with regard to shoppe operations.
  • Education/Experience:
    • High School Education or G.E.D required.  Degree in business or related field preferred. 
  • Current knowledge and experience with Carvel shoppe operations (3+ years) preferred.

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